CafeInmaculada - Sudan Rume - Colombia

CafeInmaculada - Sudan Rume - Colombia



The famous coffee used by Sasa Setic in his winning WBC routine in 2015, this lot has taken on the characteristics of its surrounding - the immaculate experimental farm Las Nubes. This roast was approached with great care, we wanted to take it gently into first crack to provide a good opportunity for development, whilst maintaining high scoring aromatic and acidic properties.

An incredibly complex cup. Dark cherry aromatics and very light lavender florals. Plum through dark chocolate, sweetness from strawberry, morello cherry and honeydew melon. Red grape acidity to subtle lemonade/lime on cooling, and a long sweet finish.

As espresso this holds true to the green coffee, oaky with lavender top notes, deeply chocolatey with caramel, lightly mouthdrying and blunt plum acidity - silky smooth.


Producer Juan Vicente Hologuin
Finca Las Nubes
Producer CafeInmaculada, Valle del Cauca
Varietal Sudan Rume
Processing Natural - 36 days African Bed 
1380 - 1600
Cupping Score 90.25
Flavour notes

Cherry and lavender aromatics, smooth chocolate - cooling to white chocolate. Red fruits, sweet throughout. Red grape and citric acidity. Highly complex.

Green Source Alexander Araujo