Most of these question have probably crossed your mind? Maybe there’s an answer here: 

Do you have a retail shop?
At the moment we just have an online store, but we are listed in a couple of locations too. If you’re local to Chichester or you know us, we’re always happy to chat coffee in person and we’ll deliver for free too!

When will my order be shipped?
We roast small batches so your coffee is as fresh as possible, this means you coffee will be ready for packing on the next roast day from when your order is placed and shipped within 48 hours of roast.

When will my coffee arrive?
All UK orders are shipped as Royal Mail First Class postage as standard, but we’re looking to expand our delivery option.  We cannot guarantee any advertised service, but we find the service highly reliable and we will work hard to resolve any issues, if they arise. 

International orders are also shipped via Royal Mail or via a prearranged courier.  We suggest you purchase tracked shipping on all international orders as we’re unable to track parcels outside of the UK. 

Why does my coffee come in 150g or 350g bags?
Some of our more rare varietals can attract a very high green price, and by the nature of their rarity have limited availability - so to make sure everyone can experiment and explore new realms like we do - we make these coffees available as 150g. The 350g bag has been successful in place like Square Mile, increasing the size gives an opportunity to get to know the coffee better - when making espresso there’s a bit less pressure when dialling in, and gives you more time to enjoy a nice sweet cup.

Why do you only sell whole beans and not ground?
We want you to explore grind size! The flavour notes on the bag don’t have to be the end of the story, you know how you like your coffee - this way you can use your preferred brew method. It’s also worth noting as soon as it’s ground coffee begins to lose aromatic potential, meaning less flavour for you - so we avoid this as much as possible.

Do you want to know what I thought of the coffee?
We really do! We try and brew our coffees in many different ways to see how they taste but we always want to hear what you think - good or bad - send us a DM on Instagram. We’d love to know.

Where are you and can I come and visit?
Our roasting facilities are a production only location for now, all meetings regarding wholesale or other are by appointment only and it's best if you reach out to our Wholesale Manager - josh@cafemacondo.co.uk

Will the package fit through my letterbox? 
Our retail size bags are 350 grams or 1kg which in turn limited us when designing a box and bag to fit through a letter box. Currently, our boxes do not fit through a letter box however it is something we are working on and will update you when it changes.