Macondo Coffee is a super small coffee project.
Our aim is to deliver dynamic, vibrant and complex coffee - creating a selection we are proud to share and drink. We do this through continuous learning, deep discussions with our producers and other roasters, and developing relationships throughout the supply chain.

We approach coffee with the understanding of its properties as a raw product - how the minute impressions terroir, genetics and processing conditions impart on green coffee relate to the flavour, cup quality and its complexity.
We’re learning how the supply chain as a whole can help nurture the coffee during its lifetime and honour its unique qualities post harvest, we’re working to become part of that positive influence, both on coffee quality and the lives of those who produce it.

Roasting requires interpreting what people want in their cup, whilst also staying true to the characteristics of the raw product. Flavours cannot be created, but they can be showcased: our approach to roasting is sympathetic, our intention is to bring vibrance to extant attributes and enhance the qualities of the coffee that define it - variety, terroir and processing.

We’ve created a set of character profiles, each with a specific role to play in the Macondo story.
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