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El Encanto Gesha
El Encanto Gesha
El Encanto Gesha

El Encanto Gesha

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This coffee is expected to ship in Early April.

Our first arrival at @macondocoffeeuk combines everything we love about coffee - our favourite origin (Colombia), our favourite varietal (Gesha), small innovative farming and super high quality results. El Encanto means 'the charm', and this coffee had magical effects on us.

Produced by Juan Saldarriaga, this Colombian Geisha comes from a small farm in Antioquia, Colombia; with a very bright future. Juan who has recently taken over his families two farms is looking to progress the coffees of this region, not only by experimenting with different cultivars and altitudes, but also with the drying and processing.

The finca is located near the city of Bolivar, Antioquia at 1380 - 1800m altitude, and whilst we have chosen to bring you the Gesha, this farm has a lot more to offer with Castillo, Tabi, Sl 28 varietals and more, as well as natural reserves and forest covering about 14ha of the 60ha lot. We hope as the relationship and Macondo grow, we can share more of Juan's coffee.

 Region Bolivar, Antioquia, Colombia
Producer Juan Saldarriaga
Varietal Gesha
Processing Fully Washed
Altitude 1380 -1600
Cupping Score 89
Flavour notes Distinctive, bright and sweet - a classic gesha with a floral jasmine nose, well structured with nice balance.  Long ripe orange flavours with great heavy citric acidity.
Green Source Nordic Approach



El Encanto Gesha