Finca Hartmann - Chicho Gallo - Panama

Finca Hartmann - Chicho Gallo - Panama
 Rare Varietal Finca Hartmann is our farm of the moment, this family enterprise has been running ...
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 Rare Varietal

Finca Hartmann is our farm of the moment, this family enterprise has been running for generations (since the project began in 1940), caring for their surrounding forest, replacing native trees and local fauna - they’re even considered a bird friendly farm. We had heard so many great things about the wildlife around their haven too and after seeing photos of hummingbirds pollenating their geisha had to find out more.

The Hartmann family have experimented with varietals new to Panama (like AF-2 and Guaramo) as well as this lot - Amaro Gayo. Ratibor is know for his understanding of terroir, finding the perfect altitude and microclimate for the varietal to thrive.  At 1500masl, this Ethiopian heirloom great sweetness which can be found in the final cup, combine this with the experimental processing and the coffee takes another dimension. Natural the coffee remains delicate, with strawberries and blueberries; the anaerobic natural allows development of a deeper sweetness in the cherry (and apricot through espresso), while the aroma develops in complexity and finds orange blossom.

This cup has light juniper top notes, geisha like aromatics in white florals and orange blossom - ground the sweetness is present from notes of raisin. First you'll find a round cup, body full of raw cacao and fruit. Sweet dried strawberries and subtle blueberry, cooling to a malic complexity, a long cherry filled finish.

Brewing ratios of 1:17 with a high magnesium water are ideal for a fruity sweet cup. 1:16 with 60-80ppm will give a softer expression of more subtle flavours.

Lot Chicho Gallo #75
Farm Name
Finca Hartmann
Ratibor Hartmann
Origin - Region
Los Pozos, Boquete
Varietal Amaro Gayo (Ethiopian Heirloom)

Process Anaerobic Natural
Fermentation  12 Days Experimental (Plastic Tank)
Drying African Bed
Elevation (masl) 1500
Q Grade (SCA Score)
Aroma Notes Light florals, orange blossom, raisin and cherry
Flavour Notes Soft berries, dried wild strawberry, raw cacao
Finish Notes Cherry brandy reduction
Moisture Content (%) 10.1
Density (g/ml) 851
Water Activity (aw) TBC
Green Source Uschi Zimmermann (Panama Varietals)
Quantity (Kg) 15

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